Cell Phone Case

Base Price: $95

  • Made from the finest leather
  • Custom made to fit your cell phone
  • Genuine sheep skin liner to protect the face of your phone
  • Magnetic closure for faster access
  • Built to Last

Check out the options below and design your own cell phone case. Then prepare to be noticed!

Although this clip does not mention or demonstrate closure methods, the primary closure for the Cell Phone Case is a strong magnet.  The flap on the case just naturally falls into place and connects firmly with the magnet.  Also, we have included a draw string closure for the Cell Phone Case as well.  Both options are available below.

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Cell Phone Make & Model:
i.e. Apple iPhone 4, Blackberry Pearl, etc.
Note: Please include the exact name of your phone and its model number. Each phone case is made to fit your phone exactly; therefore, if your description is insufficient you will be contacted immediately by email where a request for additional information will be made.

Cell Phone Measurements:
i.e. 5" x 2 3/8" x 9/16"
You must include the exact measurements of your cell phone to the nearest 1/16 of an inch for height, width, and thickness. If you want your phone to fit in the case with a rubberized or plastic enclosure or skin, include the measurements of your phone with enclosure. We will match your measurements with the phone's make and model to ensure an accurate fit.


*Drawstring only available with a deer crown.

*Horizontal mount clip cases must be at least 3" wide.

Deer Crown or Concho:

**Conchos only available with magnetic closure.

Deer Crown Options:  
--Gemstones for magnetic closure only

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